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GRAVEL MTB climb of La Norma - Mountain Collection

Come and enjoy the climb from the Tourist Office to Eterlou by bike and without a stopwatch on a path closed to motorized vehicles except VAE. 9.23km in a forest setting to reach the top of the resort.

Sports and leisure GRAVEL MTB climb of La Norma - Mountain Collection La Norma


On Sunday 30 July 2023
La Norma (73500)

The path from the D1006 leading to the Eterlou will be closed to all motorized vehicles and left free to GRAVEL bikes, mountain bikes, VAE from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Start of the climb: In front of the La Norma Tourist Office
Main arrival: at Eterlou (2000m) with supplies offered by the Tourist Office.

Your departure :
Any departure before the announced time will not be framed by an administrative road closure, so you will be likely to come across motorized vehicles during your climb.
The climb is open to minors over 14 years old with parental authorization to be provided by email to the reception of the La Norma Tourist Office at the following address: lanorma@hautemaurienne.com

The climb and its health rules:
 Respect for distance: prohibition to be in the wake and to take advantage of the aspiration of the group, ride in single file with a safety distance of 10 meters between each cyclist,
 Absolute ban on riding two abreast,
 To overtake, respect an offset of at least 1.5m and fall back 7m in front of the overtaken cyclist,
 Spitting, sputum prohibited. If necessary, signal yourself, let yourself be overtaken to relieve yourself in last position.

Cycling traffic rules
Be sure to respect:
 Wearing a helmet,
 Caution with other cyclists and authorized users,
 Reduced and controlled speed downhill

Your arrival :
We advise you to remain vigilant, if you wish to descend after the administrative reopening time of the path. You are likely to encounter and be overtaken by motorized vehicles.


Languages spoken : French


Sunday 30 July 2023.



Devant la Maison de la Norma 73500 La Norma

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