• Entertainment/recreation

Game night at the Etabli

Games evening organised in collaboration with the games library of Messery.

Entertainment/recreation Game night at the Etabli Massongy


On Thursday 15 June 2023 in 20:30:00
Massongy (74140)
Animals not allowed

Les gueules d'Aminche :
Discover the bewitching and sensitive show of Gueules d'Aminche. Don't miss this unique universe, which combines poetry, energy and emotion.
Gueules d'Aminche takes you on a journey that explores the world in music and words. The chiselled writing, sensitive and hopeful, animates this astonishing journey. From the bottom of the ocean to the farthest reaches of space, populated by tiny heroes and great characters.

Nahaka :
A collective from the French Alps, Nahaka brings together various artists around Dub music. An energetic and determined group that is only waiting for one thing: to share its good vibrations.

Ultramoule :
An offbeat triad, Ultramoule claims to be a Punk and Gangsista rap band.


Adult: 5 €.


Animals not allowed
Languages spoken : French
Languages of documentation : French


Thursday 15 June 2023 at 8.30 pm.


L'Etabli 5 route de Conche 74140 Massongy
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