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Exposition "DUMBFOUNDED" de Somayeh Pakar à l'Espace CREMERIE

Cultural Exposition "DUMBFOUNDED" de Somayeh Pakar à l'Espace CREMERIE Passy


On Sunday 02 June 2024
Passy (74190)

Women are the central theme of this exhibition. Their unique strength and elegance are represented through a series of elaborate and moving works. The characters here embody a sense of resilience that persists despite their fragility, despite the struggles they endured, the years of restrictions and the stories of confinement, melancholy, passion, solitude and love.

Somayeh Pakar is an Iranian artist who graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Zahedan and the IAU in Teheran. Her work draws on a wealth of experience in a variety of practices, including photography and sound engineering. Her singular artistic methods create a visual story that transcends geographical boundaries, connecting with the stories and lives of women from all corners of the globe.

Her characters exist in the realm of dreams and thoughts, and possess the power to evoke deep emotions and embody the essence of growth and maturation through their expressions. The interconnected figures represent a heritage that the artist seeks to preserve, while simultaneously inviting viewers to reflect on the ongoing journey of femininity and the resilience of the female spirit.

With the exhibition Dumbfounded, Somayeh Pakar challenges the traditional boundaries of art and society, blending diverse styles and perspectives to create works that transform the intangible into an experience both concrete and paradoxical. The whole tends to convey the subtleties of emotions and abstract concepts of life, sadness and joy, hope and despair.

Combining the power of writing, glass painting and composition, the artist creates diverse expressions that highlight the beauty and complexity of women as they face life's challenges. Dumbfounded invites viewers to connect with universal narratives of femininity, bearing witness to the captivating stories etched in the eyes of these characters.



Free of charge.


Languages spoken : French


From 02/06 to 28/07/2024, daily.


Espace CREMERIE 273 rue de l'Eglise Plateau d'Assy 74190 Passy
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