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Criou Festival Blues et Rock : ANGE + MIRA CETII

For the 4th edition of the Criou Festival, the association "On s'accorde" welcomes the French progressive rock band ANGE accompanied by MIRA CETII.

Cultural Criou Festival Blues et Rock : ANGE + MIRA CETII Samoëns


On Friday 31 March 2023 in 20:30:00
Samoëns (74340)

- ANGE : A lifetime of Ange!
Half a century of passion for the oldest French band in activity.
A unique opportunity to explore the best moments of an extraordinary career. An inexhaustible pioneer on the progressive rock playground, this living legend seduces, provokes and astonishes a loyal audience with his generosity and atypical lyricism.
ANGE invents what many don't dare by embodying audacity, the communicative joy of exploring the unknown. A guarantee of eternity... May the angels be with you....

Mira Cétii is the name of a star.
With two "i's" and two fists on her hips, it's the name of the singer-songwriter Aurore Reichert.
After her previous EPs named after constellations and full of celestial mythologies, Mira Cétii decided to land on the ground (but is it the ground of the earth?) with a shattering softness for her first album: "Cailloux et Météores".
From reassuring nursery rhymes whispered in the hollow of the ear, to more rhythmic, ironic or protesting songs, her voice becomes caressing or breaking to tell what touches her, tortures her and holds her heart.
Like little pebbles placed behind her to avoid getting lost, like meteors shooting through her sky to guide her, she lays down and projects her songs to move forward on her inner path.
Inspired by singers with organic and poetic universes, such as Camille or Alain Bashung, Mira Cétii suspends her voice and her pen between crystalline melodies and rocky texts in this album.
But there are also her machines: in the tradition of Émilie Simon or Björk, she solidifies her tracks with the help of sounds and cubic pebbles that build brick by brick most of the rhythms and lunar atmospheres.
Perhaps Mira Cétii is trying not to lose her way by sowing pebbles... or maybe it's an invitation to follow her on her planet?

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    Full price: 20 €, Reduced price: 10 € (Children under 12 years of age).


    Languages spoken : French


    Friday 31 March 2023 at 8.30 pm.
    Doors open at 19:30.


    Espace Le Bois Aux Dames Centre Sportif et culturel 600 route du Lac aux Dames 74340 Samoëns

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