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Conference "Knowledge and use of wild mountain plants"

Mountain people have always used the wild plants of their region for food or for healing.
This tradition is still very present, and many seek to rediscover these practices.

Cultural Conference "Knowledge and use of wild mountain plants" Morzine


On Saturday 23 July 2022 from 16:00:00 in 17:30:00
Morzine (74110)

Cooking and eating spring plants, using summer seasoning plants, and healing yourself with arnica, St. John's wort or hawthorn, all of which are easy to do and which further connect us with nature.
Gilles Hiobergary is a professional producer and gatherer of medicinal plants from the mountains.
He first trained as a horticultural technician, then embarked on this activity. He settled in the Aravis massif where he organizes courses and workshops around the use of wild plants. He is a columnist on the antenna of France Bleu Pays de Savoie.


Free access.


Languages spoken : French


Saturday 23 July 2022 between 4 pm and 5.30 pm.


502 Route du Palais des Sports 74110 Morzine
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