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Conférence Bouddhisme et Tibet aujourd'hui par Lobe Sock Tsang

Conference by Lobe Sock Tsang, journalist at Radio Free Asia in McLeod Ganj (India), on Buddhism and Tibet today with tchai tasting between the two parts of the conference

Cultural Conférence Bouddhisme et Tibet aujourd'hui par Lobe Sock Tsang Les Houches


On Sunday 24 July 2022 from 20:30:00 in 23:00:00
Les Houches (74310)

Lobe's own introduction:
"My name is Lobe Sock Tsang and I was born in the eastern part of Tibet in the 1980s. As a child born under the communist regime, I was educated in a school run by the Chinese government at an early age. But gradually through my own tireless efforts, I got a very good traditional monastic education of Tibetan classical literature, logic and history, and philosophy. In 1993, when I was studying in a Tibetan college in Naba, a prefecture of China's Sichuan province, I met some important Tibetan teachers and writers, who have a good knowledge of Tibetan issues and in particular the exile government based in India and the Dalai Lama. There I also met some people who had returned to Tibet from India. With these people, I developed a good understanding of the political situation in Tibet and abroad, and I got to see the Tibetan national flag and read many books of speeches by the Dalai Lama as well. So I think as a Tibetan, it is crucial to let other Tibetans know about the past and present of our political situation and Chinese occupation and cultural assimilation, although it is very dangerous work. I decided to distribute many copies of the Dalai Lama's books and the Tibetan national flag which is banned by China as well as the Tibetan national anthem. For these reasons, I was secretly arrested a few times by the local Chinese police and interrogated, beaten and finally released. But for political reasons, I could not finish my secondary education there. So, in 1997, I moved to the city of Lanzhou, which is the capital of Gansu. province of China. And there is a very important and popular Tibetan university called in Chinese "Northwest University for Nationalities". There I studied classical Tibetan and modern literature as well as modern Chinese literature and Chinese history. But also there the political atmosphere was tense, we often had confrontations with the Chinese government authorities about the right of minorities and our identities and the preservation of our cultural language. According to the Chinese constitutions, we minorities have constitutional rights to keep and preserve our own culture, identities and languages as well as the right of religious beliefs. But the Chinese authorities have violated these rights very often of course. So I and some of my friends started a movement to use Tibetan script everywhere in real life, like post office, bank and even movie theaters and so on. Many Tibetan students followed and when the Chinese complained, we claimed that it was our people's right. But the Chinese secret police thought it was a politically motivated movement rather than just a constitutional claim. So they investigated and I was threatened with arrest soon, and to avoid that, I came to India in 2000. Exile in India, first between 2002 and 2004, I was teaching Tibetan literature and poetry, history, grammar and so on to the monks in a Buddhist College based in Uttarakhand state in India. And later I published 5 volumes of classical tantric Buddhism. Then I ran a weekly newspaper in Tibetan called Tibetan Social Forum. But due to lack of sponsors, after a few years, I unfortunately stopped running this newspaper and joined Radio Free Asia more than 15 years ago to collect daily news from inside Tibet and of course Tibetan issues abroad. And at Radio Free Asia for the past 15 years I have been reporting on radio and for television as well as news for the web."


Free to participate.


Languages spoken : French


Sunday 24 July 2022 between 8.30 pm and 11 pm.


27 pl de la Mairie 74310 Les Houches

Nearest bus stop: Les Houches Mairie
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