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Concert de Synapson

Synapson is above all a live band with a desire to share through live performances. The duo, as true self-taught musicians, surround themselves with singers and other musicians to complete them on stage.

Cultural Concert de Synapson Méribel


On Wednesday 08 February 2023 in 16:30:00
Méribel (73550)

The French duo Synapson started in 2010 with their first EP entitled 'Haute Couture'. In 2015, they released their first album called 'Convergence', like the union of their two worlds in a clear electronic music as if they had always been one. With this project they affirm the importance of the voice in their productions. Because they are lovers of this soul music, where words give flesh to the lines of notes, Synapson invite many artists, including the delicate Anna Kova, on All in You, emblem of this album which will be consecrated gold and then platinum record. In 2018, the duo released the project 'Super 8'. Like an old camera that records happy memories, the eponymous record is a notebook of thirteen tracks that unfold the infusions that have fed the two producers' sap. In 2020, for the duo’s 10th anniversary, and eager to recapture what made their music so exciting, Alex and Paul embark on a new project including collaborations from all over the world: ‘Global Musique’.
They want to return to their first love and enrich their music, as a nod to the track 'Djon Maya Maï' that made them famous on Convergence. The first part of the project will be released at the end of 2021 and will feature tracks such as 'Bensema' in collaboration with Malian singer and grammy awarded Oumou Sangaré. Their musical journey will take them to South Africa with Bongeziwe Mabandla, then to Angola with the new queen of Kuduro Pongo, to Senegal with Lass, or to Brazil with Flavia Coelho, and others...
The adventure continues in 2022 with 'Global Musique Vol. 2'. Singles are already available: 'Mohan' takes us to India and 'Waylalah' to Morocco with the Berber music influences of the French Moroccan group Bab L' Bluz. The two friends offer us an Afro-Caribbean atmosphere with the track 'An Rev' produced with David Walters and then in Canada with the juno awarded artist Dominique Fils Aimée. Long-time fans of the duo were also treated to the single 'Mona Ki Ngi Xica', one of the first remixes posted only on the YouTube channel a decade ago. This remix of Angolan artist Bonga's track was reworked in 2022 with Bonga himself to give fans a modernized version and distribute it across platforms.
Their monthly podcast, Global Boom Clap, is also very successful. Available on all platforms, it brings together thousands of listeners each month around the group's musical inspirations and accumulates hundred of thousands of listens. We find their passion for travelling music and electronic sounds.
In 10 years of touring, including a large part of the concerts played live, Synapson has played many festivals such as Printemps de Bourges, Vieilles Charrues, Solidays, Delta Festival, Francofolies de La Rochelle, but also Garorock Festival or Sonar Festival, up to mythical places such as the Zenith in Paris, the Olympia, and in 2021, a complete Trianon. Despite the health crisis, in 2020 and 2021 the duo travelled the roads of France in their Van California, respecting the health restrictions, to meet their public in more intimate formats. With more than 50 dates in 2022, their 2022 summer tour just came to an end, but the duo is already looking forward to 2023.


Free of charge.


Languages spoken : French


Wednesday 8 February 2023 at 4.30 pm.


Plateau de la Chaudanne Plateau de la Chaudanne La Chaudanne Méribel - Centre 73550 Méribel

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