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"Colored abstractions": Exhibition of photographs by Gilles Christ

Exhibition of photographs by Gilles CHRIST.

Cultural "Colored abstractions": Exhibition of photographs by Gilles Christ Samoëns


On Saturday 02 July 2022
Samoëns (74340)
Animals not allowed

"What is left to invent?...Nature has given us everything! All we have to do is watch, give time to time, give a large place to the observation of the Nature that surrounds us and which in detail sometimes turns out to be "secretive" of its aspects...Abstract!It is an inexhaustible line of creative research to succeed in extracting the secrets and the breath of Colors.Nature and its goods made...the water source of Life, the proliferation of plants, the blue of space, and its effects too...such as erosion.The links of interdependence which unite Man and Nature are highlighted in our environment by the mark of its creative influence…the mark of his hand, the traces of his life…or what remains of it, after the wear and tear of Time!

We are all witnesses, attentive or not, to what surrounds us and to those who surround us to be alternatively actor or spectator, the choice belongs to us to determine the role which animates us and leads us in our actions to be in front or behind the 'objective.

Beyond the look and the "ills" howled in the wind of spaces bloodless of echoes, the hand supplements the word to express on the walls of our cities, hope, despair, the need to feel existing and resistant in an environment considered hostile, for those who are looking for more humanity…it is the manifestation, sometimes rebellious and also, message of Love, of the Graffiti Image! This Image has become for me the extension of the expression of human feelings, of the gaze, of the thought, of the voice and, more lastingly, of the hand! it is in this continuity of spirit that I endeavored to seize the specific character of it and without appropriating it completely, to make appear the outlines of what does not reveal itself spontaneously at first sight, to l interpret with the hindsight of the spectator-actor noticeably touched by the Original! to become then, perhaps, "to pass" from Emotions." Gilles CHRIST


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Animals not allowed
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From 02/07 to 29/07/2022, daily except on July 14th.


4 route de Taninges Le Petit Bellevue 74340 Samoëns

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