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Entertainment/recreation Children's shows Champagny-en-Vanoise


On Wednesday 10 July 2024 from 18:00:00 in 19:00:00
Champagny-en-Vanoise (73350)
Animals allowed

10/07: Mountain tales and legends
A rock, a lake, a spring, a névé, pastures and forests, the path to a pass or a peak, all these places have kept the memory of many footsteps. The footsteps of human beings, those of their hopes and quests, of their struggles at times, with memories of their simple, true lives. The footsteps of animals, but also the footsteps of other peoples who, well hidden from our eyes today, protect their treasures.

Running time: 35 minutes

17/07: Flip Flop
Flip Flop has been lonely ever since Soly arrived. And Soly arrived... when Mamé left. And a lot has changed since Mamé left! Flip Flop has lost his colors, all his colors: red when he has lightning in his head, yellow when he has sunshine in his heart, blue when his noggin is invaded by rain...

Flip Flop is a play for children aged 6 and over, about the difficulty of separating and becoming "I". Lulled by a poetic, musical and humorous universe, Flip Flop embodies the ordeal of growing up. To grow up is to accept to lose, to accept to leave, to accept the future...

Running time: 40 minutes

24/07 : Pô de Nuage
She's a tiny woman, a lost child.
Pô de Nuage has always dreamed of catching the clouds and nestling in their soft tenderness.
She observes them and imagines them, soaring as close as she can to them, preferring to live with her head in the air to forget what's damaging her down here.
But try as she might, searching in all directions, dancing
perseverance... Her well-anchored feet keep reminding her that
t h a t n u a g e s are elusive.
So Pô de Nuage asks herself: could she make some bloom here?
From attempt to surprise, she finds the tenderness that will make her own cloud bloom... A cloud to take to the open sea, or a skin for a new anchorage?

Running time: 35 minutes

31/07: Rétro Bécane Show
Aboard her moped, Brigitte takes us back in time. Full of surprises and with a world as offbeat as it is decadent, she could well lose the pedals of her favorite transport.

A sweet mix of circus, sludge and rock'n'roll, for a show that's sure to get the wheels turning!

Running time: 45 minutes

07/08: Colporteurs de rêves
Discover the musical universe of the three artists of the group Colporteurs de Rêves with their all-ages show Boulevard Boulégant.
You'll find the company's dynamism, interaction and energetic good humor in this hour-long show where all their songs are staged between theater, circus arts and strong interaction with the audience!
The three artists stage their own compositions, reviving popular and universal songs, followed by a convivial moment of exchange and sharing...

Duration: 45 minutes

14/08 : Black Panther
Come closer, come closer...
Never before seen: a circus with ducks!
The show gets off to a flying start with George and Henriette. They're the world's only trainers of palmipeds, and they're proud as punch. Their best athlete, Mr. L, is a top-flight performer. Acrobatic feats, magic and other barnyard illusions will dazzle you. You'll shudder at the grand finale, the flames of hell.

Running time: 45 minutes

28/08: Kachtelane Show
Discover the "Kachtelane-show" by Nikolai, a graduate of the Moscow Academy of Circus Arts, and his partner Viviane. Visual, interactive and for all audiences, this comedy show focuses on magic, burlesque and grand illusion.

Running time: 45 minutes

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    Free of charge.


    Open to children
    Animals allowed
    Languages spoken : French


    From 10/07 to 28/08/2024, every Wednesday between 6 pm and 7 pm.

    • Pets welcome
    • Parking nearby
    • Free car park
    • Covered car park
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    Place du Centre Repli à la salle des fêtes en cas de pluie 73350 Champagny-en-Vanoise

    • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance

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