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Ballet Bar - Saison Culturelle

Ballet Bar is the meeting of five hip-hop virtuosos who, in a world reminiscent of New York jazz clubs, use their dance to explore their relationship with music as a source of inspiration and poetry.
of inspiration and poetry.

Entertainment/recreation Ballet Bar - Saison Culturelle Passy


On Saturday 21 September 2024 from 20:00:00 in 21:00:00
Passy (74190)

Fighting over the choice of vinyl, in a musical atmosphere ranging from jazz to classical, via electro, the dancers will make the counter dance, waltz the coat racks and take us on a journey through the sizzling sound of an old transistor.
Dance, acrobatics and mime blend together with humour and derision. By combining their dance with other disciplines, these artists offer a truly convivial experience that's funny, generous and full of energy.

"It's our escape from the ambient din. Sometimes gentle, sometimes rough, harmonious or jerky
jerky, she turns us into puppets who react to the slightest of her calls. She is the
She is the music that sets us in motion with a few notes...".

With (5 dancers alternating): Michaël Auduberteau, Youssef Bel Baraka, Jamel Feraouche, Mounir Kerfah, Fouad Kouchy
Kouchy, Mustapha RidaouiI, Rudy Torres, Yann Crayssac, Marwan Bakrou, Mohamed Medelsi Djezzar.


Full price: 17 €, Reduced price: 14 €, Child (16 years): 8 €.

Subscriber price (3 shows or more): €12.


Languages spoken : French


Saturday 21 September 2024 between 8 pm and 9 pm.


Parvis des Fiz 255, rue Arsène Poncet 74190 Passy
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