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4th Sustainable Food Meetings in Chablais

The CPIE Chablais-Léman and the Cocagne Pousses d’Avenir garden are organizing the 4th Sustainable Food Meetings in Chablais. We are designing this project in reflection with other players in the area, who meet regularly.

Cultural, Nature and relaxation, Entertainment/recreation 4th Sustainable Food Meetings in Chablais Marin


On Saturday 01 October 2022
Marin (74200)

This is a theme that concerns us all, citizens, elected officials, professionals because it cuts across many issues: environment, health, social, economic, planning...

Through these meetings, we want to create a dynamic on the territory and bring together all the actors concerned, so that projects are born in a coherent and concerted way at the scale of the territory.

Part of the program is aimed primarily at elected officials, community technicians, farmers, health and integration professionals, associations. The inhabitants will also be concerned by the general public day on Sunday, on the theme of "food and health", as well as by times in the evening during the week.

Through these meetings, the CPIE and Pousses d'Avenir wish to unite the actors, raise awareness and inform, promote local initiatives, show the range of possibilities.
In addition, discussions in working groups highlighted the following objectives:

Promoting healthy eating, showing that it is a major issue for health. Give visibility to the health-food-environment link.
Promote local food production that respects the environment, promote short circuits and positive local practices.
Promote the development of sustainable food in collective catering.
Raise awareness of the environmental impacts of food choices.
Giving a taste for good food by making people taste it, valuing pleasure and taste in food.
We want to positively and sustainably raise the awareness of the actors and citizens of Chablais, by promoting the experiences that work here and elsewhere. The organization of meetings is based on the following principles:

The involvement of local partners in the definition of objectives, programming and organization.
The contribution of knowledge to better understand the issue around sustainable food, in all its dimensions.
Promoting local initiatives.
The contribution of testimonies, exchanges of experiences in other territories.
Concrete and practical contributions to facilitate the transition, changes in practices.

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    Free of charge.


    Languages spoken : French


    From Saturday 1st to Friday 7 October 2022.


    74200 Marin
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