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The Chirv'athlon is a friendly event accessible to all, it is a relay of three runners, runner, cyclist and mountain biker.
The Chirv'athlon Kids allows you to discover running, relay and mountain biking for two runners.

Sports and leisure 30ème CHIRV'ATHLON Servoz


On Sunday 02 October 2022 from 09:00:00 in 15:00:00
Servoz (74310)

For the CHIRV'ATHLON, departure at 11am, the running race is a 6,4km course on roads and hilly paths, followed by a 10,3km cycling course on roads with a 4,5km climb, followed by a 9,8km mountain bike course on paths.
The registration fee is 9 € per team (minime or cadette) until 24/09/2022 included, or 39 € per team (non minime and non cadette) until 24 September 2022, or 48 € per team from 25 September 2022 to 01 October 2022, or 60 € per team on the day of the race. A 2 € competition pass will be added to each runner who is not a FFTRI competition licensee.

For the CHIRV'ATHLON KIDS, departure at 10am, the first runner will make a 200m loop around the church, then will pass the relay to the second runner who will make the same loop. The two runners will then do a 1.3 km loop with one mountain bike.
The registration fee is 5 € per team, regardless of the date of registration.


Adult: 9 to 60 €, Child: 5 €.


Languages spoken : French


Sunday 2 October 2022 between 9 am and 3 pm.


Air conditioning 74310 Servoz
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