Whether you bike for sports or leisure, use a pedelec, or just like to roam, here are tips you need to remember to hit the road or trails safely.


Make sure you perform regular maintenance on your bike so that the traction is in top shape. Check the tyres. Verify the proper condition of the chain and the brakes (pads or state of brake discs).

Hang a bag under the saddle or handlebars to carry everything you’ll need for repairs: a spare inner tube, two tyre levers, a small pump, and a multi-tool to help you tackle any problems you have on the way.

Pause cyclo à la fontaine d'Arbusigny


The roads in the Savoie Mont Blanc are beautiful but demanding. Plan on packing one snack per every hour of effort (energy bar/gel, etc.).
For hydration, especially in the summer, don’t skimp because of weight: Two water bottles are not overdoing it. 

If it is hot, don’t pass by fountains available in villages thinking you’ll have enough until the next one. And slip a banknote (or bank card) in your mobile to relax and enjoy a local restaurant terrace for a refreshing drink or to soothe the munchies.

Famille à vélo


Modern technology helps you prepare your itinerary well ahead of time. Dedicated apps, such as Vélo Savoie Mont Blanc, propose more than 300 routes. The easy-to-use and free Vélo Savoie Mont Blanc app is available through Apple Store or Google Play. 

Before leaving, check in regularly with weather apps to help you pack your belongings.  
If you leave for one night, a 15-litre bike bag should do the trick for everything you need.
One rule of thumb: if you have any doubt on whether to bring an item or not, then it’s probably not necessary.
For two or more nights, make it a pair of bags to double the volume! Beyond a change of clothes, think about bringing a power bank for your electronic devices (GPS, mobiles, etc.).  
Last but not least, remember to give your itinerary to your loved ones.


The weather can change drastically in the mountains, so bring what you need to stay safe and comfortable. Take a light jacket you can carry in your shirt pocket, even in summer.

Just as important, a helmet and gloves are simply...mandatory!
Choose sports glasses that will give you the best vision and protect your eyes from the sun, rain, and even insects.