It's not just any garden. It's a surprising stroll through a verdant labyrinth built in the old vegetable garden at the Château d'Yvoire.


Although it's not a reconstruction, the Garden of Five Senses took its inspiration from medieval gardens

The garden contains a labyrinth of bowers and staked apple trees, forming a series of four charming gardens brimming with plants and flowers corresponding to sight, touch, taste, and smell. The fifth sense, hearing, is represented through the sound of water lapping and birds singing.

The Garden of Five Senses is one of those rare gardens where you can touch the plants. Touch, smell, taste, see, and listen. Every one of your senses will be aroused: touch the woolly lamb's ear, smell the pineapple sage, contemplate the blue of the leather flower, taste the tiny fruits, and listen to the cooing coming from an aviary or the swishing of fountain water.

    • Fontaine du jardin des 5 sens à Yvoire
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    The Garden of Five Senses offers a timeless stroll


    Learn about nature and how to respect it. Understand the work behind the garden. And above all, take in the meditative calm. Each of us enters with our senses fully awake to the beauty within.


    The garden is a timeless walk for young and old—a universe of colours, perfumes, sounds, and textures that change with every hour, with every season. You'll discover the collection of more than 1,000 plants that grow each year.