Observe the Sun with special glasses and on a screen you can watch the live projections of our star's daily activity: explosions, jets of matter, protuberances, sunspots, granulations and magnetics tornadoes.

Cultural activities Sun observation in Mottaret Méribel


Méribel (73550)
Average length : 2h
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Saturn is the "Lord of the rings" thanks to its incomparable splendor! Using a large professional telescope you will be able to gaze on Saturn in all its splendor with its many rings, the almost unreal shadow of the planetary globe projecting into space and the famous Cassini division, 2000 km separating the outer and inner rings, an unforgettable vision where Saturn reveals its yellow atmosphere and diffuse dust in the ring closest to the planet.
Jupiter will be majestic with its procession of moons (Calisto, Ganymede, Io and Europa) turning in a graceful ballet around the royal planet. You will gaze on the thick and turbulent atmosphere where tornadoes the size of the Earth travel at impressive speeds. Then, in the second half of the evening, we explore the heart of the Milky Way where we will discover the globular clusters and stellar clusters caught in the gravitation of black holes hidden within these cocoons of stars. At the heart of the summer triangle, the sapphire and ruby coloured double star Albireo will shine a thousand lights within our telescope. Then we will travel millions of light years to distant galaxies. Our journey will lead us through the puzzling dimensions of the universe, where the glare of a dead star from a distant past will appear as a distant lighthouse to our wonder-filled eyes.

In the event of bad weather, day or night observations will be replaced by talks.


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Languages spoken : English, French


Thursday 21 July 2022
Opening hours daily between 10.30 am and 12 pm and between 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm.

Average length : 2h



Route du Chatelet 73550 Méribel
Start near : Méribel (73550)

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